- Pascos Family-

About the Artist

Ana's passion for documenting life started in her teen years and continued to develop while she studied at the prestigious Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto. Since then, she has made waves in the artistic community with her award-winning portrait work, and philanthropic contributions to charitable organizations. Among friends, though, she is best known as a patient, warm, and fun-loving wife and mother to her two boys.

"Your portrait is not simply your likeness - it should portray who you are now, and how you will be remembered for years to come.

I was reminded of this when visiting my grandmother's home and completely falling apart looking at a portrait of my late grandfather. Every other photograph I remember of him portrayed a stern colonel. But in this one, I saw the warm and gentle grandfather that I remember from my childhood. The one that gave me piggy-back-rides, taught me to swim in the lake, and secretly spoiled me with candy treats when I came to visit. A tidal wave of emotions came rushing from deep within me, all triggered by a single photograph. A photograph that was a true portrait in every sense of the word - that reminded me how much he really meant to me, all those years ago. 

My clients choose to work with me because they appreciate fine art and have a desire to portray their families in a similar manner. The heart-warming and emotional portraits we create with our clients, provide them with the pleasure of turning back time and revisiting the fleeting moments they hold most dear; moments in time that will be enjoyed and treasured their entire lifetime!

As an artist, I can't say I'm right for everyone. But for the few people I am right for, I do an extraordinary job! So if you love my work, fill out the form below and share your story. We'll be happy to schedule your complimentary planning meeting and ensure we're a good fit for your needs. And then... well, then you'll have one less thing to worry about!

I look forward to meeting you soon."