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Extended Family Portraits  |  Multi-Generation

Having two little kids of my own, I am the proudest mother on the planet.

As we walk home from school, I find myself near tears when Darius absentmindedly sings a new song he learned earlier that day. Or moments earlier, when Orion saw me from behind the door, and ran over full speed (clumsily tripping on everyone in his path) so that he can excitedly show me his scribbling masterpiece that occupied him for the last twenty minutes.

These moments… these moments I treasure more than anything else in the world. (in fact, I’m getting all heavy-chested, as I write this).

So I couldn’t even begin to imagine what life would be like if I had three or four children. And then get to know my grandchildren. And especially lucky if I had the pleasure to meet my great-grandchildren. I believe the feeling would be pure honey and heaven. I imagine that I would have no need for water or bread, and all I would want in life is to see these amazing creatures grow up and be happy (I can’t believe how emotional I’m getting! I will try to get a handle on it, I promise).

Which brings me to this week’s post.

A few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to be a part of an extraordinary event. An amazing woman, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother turned the big 90.

Her loving grandchildren organized an intimate party to celebrate her life, her love, and show her how much she means to them.

Think this is a crazy venture to put together? Think again!


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I am happy to go over everything with you over the phone or in person, to make you feel 100% comfortable and excited to get your extended family portraits done.

In fact, photography was a last-minute addition to this birthday party planning. Shortly before the big night, I got a call inquiring about extended family portraits and quickly discussed the logistics of the shoot. We briefly touched on what to wear and what to expect, as well as how to prepare the rest of the family for this exciting part of the party. Once everything was agreed on, I sent a final confirmation and we were all set to go!

In just under an hour, we organized this incredible addition to the party, and I was able to come in for a portrait session shortly before dinner began.

And after all that, the surprise party was a big hit!

The multy-generation portraits of fifty-two family members I helped capture that night will surely be treasured for many years to come!

What an amazing keepsake to share and pass down to the next generation :)


Sweet grandkids and grandmother portrait

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