It’s never too late to get your family portraits done

Toronto Sunset Family Portrat


It’s never too late to get your family portraits done.

As our kids get older, move out of our house, and move out of our city, the time we spend together as a family becomes less and less.

This is when family photos become important. We can move through the house, and see the portraits of our loved ones on our walls, making us still feel like we share the house with them. Or perhaps, giving us a familiar smile to gaze upon when they give us a call.

Toronto Sunset Senior Graduate Portrait

We might think of our kids as being a permanent installation in our homes when they are younger. But their time with us is fleeting. And as they, themselves, become adults, and start their own lives with their own families, it’s like turning over the last page of our favourite book. And closing it.

The book isn’t gone, and our kids haven’t disappeared. But our time together as a household has ended.

Memories are the single greatest thing we create with our families, and for our families. This is why I feel it is so important to have family portraits done, no matter what age your children are.

Photos let us remember and relive all that they were to us, and all the experiences we had together. From their first word to their first day of kindergarten. How their face changed after they shared their first kiss, or the sleepless night we spent watching over them in the hospital. Teaching them the things we know best, having them teach us things they know better. The day they graduated. The day they told us they were engaged.


Whether they are one second old, or forty years old, our children are our happiness. And we love to watch them. In life, and in the pictures on our walls.


Call me today, and let me help you fill your home with beautiful portraits of the people you love most. 416-937-0632.


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