Why Hiring a Professional Photographer for Baptism Is a Good Idea

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Why Hiring a Professional Photographer for Baptism Is a Good Idea

The day of the much-awaited Baptism, you are all dressed to impress and the kids already know to be on their best behavior. So why not take a few quick snapshots of your beautiful angels?

Well… because in reality it’s usually much more chaotic, isn’t it? You’re in a rush to get to the venue on time, there are always last-minute changes to the plan (like poop accidents as you strap your little one into the car seat), you’re busy taking care of everything else and praying for a moment of peace, and the kids are already loaded on sugar from all the “please be good” treats you gave them this morning…

Ok so maybe taking beautiful portraits of your children is no longer on your list of priorities…but it should be!

Professional photography is not reserved for your wedding day only. It’s actually a great idea to hire a professional for such an important day like a baptism, a birthday party, or any other special occasion that you want to be a part of.


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Of course you DO want to enjoy what you so selflessly devoted so much of your precious time planning. Which is precisely why you need a professional photographer at your next special event. And no, I don’t mean that you should ask Uncle Bob to bring his new camera, that he may or may not know how to use. I mean someone that is an experienced photographer that will know the rules of the church (where they can and cannot stand). Someone that will not have friends around to distract them. And lastly, someone that will be dedicated to capture those beautiful moment and the joy your family is felt on that very special day.

But it’s one thing to hire a professional photographer, it’s another to actually do something with those images.


Planning to hang photos on your walls toronto photographer

Custom design draft for curved wall upstairs


When you hire Ana Pascos Photography, I will help you plan a beautiful display of your little ones and family that you will love for years to come!

Every booking client will have a designated Ordering Appointment about a week after their session. This appointment is booked in order to design a custom plan on how to display your beautiful portraits in your home (not your neighbor’s home, not my home – your unique home).


Installing artwork on your walls Toronto Photographer

Complimentary installation is included with every purchase of two or more pieces.


We will walk through your home and determine where your favorite images should be displayed, and what is the best medium that suits your present décor.

Using advanced software, I will design your wall décor right in front of you, so that together we can create a display that is just right for you and your family.



Wall art installation – completed and ready to be enjoyed.



Best part is that using your imagination is no longer part of the process. You will actually see what your portraits will look like on your walls before committing to the purchase (size, orientation, and medium).


Call me for a complimentary consultation today.




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