Custom Graduating High School Student Portraits Toronto

Toronto High School Student Portrait Photographer

Custom Graduating High School Student Portrait Toronto

I have been working hard this year in expanding my photography portfolio. So I’m very happy to announce that starting today, I have a brand-spanking NEW program devoted to High School Student Portraits!

Woohoo, I’m so excited! :)

This is a huge trend in the United States, and very slowly it is leaking its awesomeness into Canadian market. And why not?
We are so obsessed with documenting our special milestones (becoming a wife, a mother, a grandmother, etc). So why have we not devoted special time and attention to one of the biggest milestones in our lives – High School Graduation?

It is such a sensitive and special time in a young woman and man’s life. The accomplishment of surviving high school and all that it means is a huge achievement.

The social pressures and struggles teens endure these days is nothing less of extraordinary. The true test of puberty, the first kiss, first relationships, and even first heart-breaks, makes makes these kids true survivors.

And if their social life is not overflowing with drama, they have their academic grades to keep up with, so that they get into the best possible University (that their whole life will then depend on).

Phew! *wipes sweat fron forehead*

So why is it taking this long for us to realize that we need to celebrate this incredible milestone in their young lives?

Yes, they have a school photographer that will take a standard mugshot of each teen in a graduation robe. And put it into the yearbook. But honestly, is that all they deserve?

A generic posed photo just like everyone else?

Think back and remember what your life was like when you graduated High School. All the life-long friends you made. The friendships and bonds you treasured, and that treasured you. The people that shaped who you are – the individual that you are right now.

High School Graduates are individuals. Young women and young men that have distinct personalities and styles. They have hobbies, and interests, likes and dislikes that are unique to them.

So why would they want to remember themselves in a portrait that every other high school senior has in the world?


Introducing – Custom Graduation Portrait Sessions!


The key word here is “custom”.

Custom portraiture is so important at this stage in a teen’s life. I make it my mission to get to know your teen and their personal preferences. I dig deep and ask about their interests, hobbies, extracurricular activities and other fun facts that make them unique. We sit down and brainstorm the different ideas for their custom portraits, so that we are able to capture who they truly are as an individual.

Whether they are athletic, write poetry, into music and dance, or mad about the latest fashions, we’ll work hard in creating a bespoke session that highlights your child’s unique personality.


And after all is said and done, your child will fondly look back at these portraits and be incredibly proud of all that they have accomplished.


Contact me to schedule your teen’s graduation portraits today!



Custom Graduating High School Student Portrait Toronto

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