Fun DIY Birthday Portrait Idea

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Fun DIY Birthday Portrait Idea!

Birthday portraits can be as simple or as creative as your heart desires. In case you’re drawing a blank, I’ve included a simple one you can quickly throw together for fun DIY birthday portrait idea.

Just take a look at this adorable session we had a few weeks ago with the amazing (and absolutely beautiful) Elena. She was such a pleasure to work with, and had the most fun being a little princess at her third birthday portrait session!


Fun DIY Photo Shoot Idea Toronto


This look can be achieved with a few items that may already have available in your home.

What You’ll Need:

  • 1.5m x 1.5m of fabric for the backdrop – from your local fabric store.
  • 4 or more clamps – to keep the backdrop taught and wrinkle free.
  • Baseboard – to seamlessly unite the backdrop to the floor.
  • Props of your choice – balloons, chair, streamers, banners, balls, etc.
  • Lots of light – a large window facing the subject is best.
  • A camera that you are comfortable using. Preferably with manual settings, so that you have full control (to blur out the background and keep the subject in focus).
  • A cheerful participant that is ready to have some fun! :)


Fun Birthday Portrait Idea


As a professional photographer, I really enjoy getting to know my clients and discussing what they are looking to get out of their photo session. Every client receives a pre-session consultation (included in the portrait sitting fee) that provides me with much-needed information to properly design a custom photography experience. This short consult allowed me to get to know Elena and her family, and ask all kinds of questions. Such as:

  • The family’s decorating style – so that I can design a portrait setup that will harmoniously match their favourite room once these portraits are printed displayed on their walls. Are they creative or old fashioned in their furniture choice? Do they like to incorporate color in their decor, or do they tend to use more neutral colors in their home? Etc.
  • Subject’s personality and what they’re ‘into’ these days – Are they outgoing, or more reserved and shy? Is she interested in princesses and frilly dresses, or would she rather play with Thomas the Tank Engine and get messy in the sand?Of course, Elena turned out to be a die-hard Frozen fan (just like my kids), so I really wanted to incorporate a bit of sparkle with this fun sequence fabric.
  • Subject’s physical features – what shade is her hair, skin tone, and eye color? Knowing that she is blond little angel with blue eyes, allowed me to plan this golden setup to compliment her beautiful hair color, and really make the blue hues in her eyes pop!

The pre-session consultation is critical for designing a bespoke portrait setup, which is why it’s included in every fine art portrait sitting fee.


Kids having fun during a photo session toronto

Let the kids have fun during a photo session


Stuffy and stiff child portraits are out, and fun and exciting portraits are in!

I believe kids photographs should convey all the fun and freedom kids have, and really shine light on their carefree personalities. That’s why I love incorporating props into my sessions – capturing the inquisitive side of children, playing and discovering all things around them.

The balloons in Elena’s session acted as decorations, as well as little distractions that kept her busy and having fun during our session. Little ones have short attention spans and get bored quickly. That’s why having a few props around and playing games during the session keeps it fresh and more entertaining for younger children.

Elena had a blast playing with the strings and counting the different colors. Another fun game was Balloon-Peek-A-Boo. This is when a child hides behind a bunch of balloons, and on the count of three, separates the balloons and peeks out. It is truly a fun game for everyone involved, and gets fantastic action shots full of laughter.

Quick Tip: fast shutter speed really comes handy in capturing a child’s sudden motion.

Silly Birthday Portrait Idea


Enjoy the photos, and get inspired! :)



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