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Beautiful portraits are the reason clients hire me.  The best customer experience is why they come back year after year…

A week before Christmas, one of my favourite clients called me to inquire about having a family portrait taken.
Having already photographed her family on five different occasions, I was happy to help in any way that I could. Only, the challenge was when she wanted to book her session: Christmas Eve.

There was no way around it – her parents were in town for the Christmas holidays, and Christmas Eve was the only day that the whole family was together. She was afraid to even ask me to work on such a big family holiday. But I knew it would mean everything to her to have these portraits done of her beautiful boys with their grandparents.

So I started to brainstorm how I can accommodate her unique request.

Most of my Holiday family portrait sessions took place in late October, since my clients preferred to mail out greeting cards in advance. With most sessions already taken care of, we usually plan a family trip up north. But this year luck was on our side, as we coincidentally took our trip up north earlier in the month, and I would be in town for Christmas Eve.

Immediately, I made myself available to take the time to capture these treasured portraits. I figured, with the shortened daylight, I would still be able to work a bit, and then run home to slip into my pyjamas and spend the rest of Christmas Eve with my own family.

Would booking this hour-long session on Christmas Eve interrupt my family time? Technically, yes. But knowing that I would be helping a family remember this very special day for the rest of their lives (and the kids treasure these portraits for decades), made this decision a no-brainer.

The portrait session was stellar. The Toronto heat wave allowed us to leave the snow suits at home and to be outdoors in Autumn attire. The warm sun came out of the clouds just long enough for us to capture these treasured portraits. Everything happened quickly and smoothly.

My client was overjoyed at my flexibility and understanding of her unique circumstance. And is now proudly displaying these portraits on her living room wall (along with the rest of her treasured images from our past sessions).




When shopping for photographers, there’s very little to differentiate one experience from the other while you’re in front of the camera. A lot of the value is created before your session and after you see your images — during the moments in between.

What made hiring a full-service portrait photographer exceptional for my client, was the seamlessness of the customer experience and the above-and-beyond customer service. Accommodative booking to suit their holiday plans, coming to their favourite park to make their portraits that much more meaningful. The efficient portrait session, so that they could quickly return to their holiday plans. Not to mention the added benefit of my exclusive one-on-one portrait ordering appointment to help them select the best images to add to their memory wall.

I devote most of my energy and resources to creating beautiful portraits of my clients and their loved ones – the things customers should expect from me. But it’s the moments in between where I have the opportunity to excel, differentiate and delight my clients, and make them feel as special as they truly are to me.



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