Are you present in your baby’s photos?

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Are you present in your baby’s photos?

Everyone wants beautiful photos of their children, especially when they are little. I can attest to the fact that I have about a thousand of them on my phone, social media, and quite a few beautifully printed and proudly displayed in my home.

But do you have any portraits of yourself?


Are you in your baby's photos in Toronto


Although at this very moment, you’re looking to capture beautiful moments in your baby’s life, you fail to notice that to your baby, YOU are the most important one! You, above everything and everyone else, are the one thing that your child will be looking back on

They want to remember YOU.


How to capture beautiful images of baby in Toronto photography


Don’t believe me? Take a few moments right now and look at your own baby photos. Go ahead and open up those massive photo albums and browse through your childhood memories. Don’t be shy, it will be a great walk down memory lane. :)

Find your favourite photographs, and examine WHY they catch your eye.

Baby photos need to have you in them in Toronto


Did you find that you love those images where you are photographed alone? Or were you drawn more to portraits of you playing and interacting with your parents? Did you feel a stronger emotional connection and nostalgic pull in your gut, when you saw your mom playing with you? Of course you did!


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No matter now narcissistic we are as a species, we all gravitate towards building relationships. We love watching familiar people singing, playing, laughing, crying, hugging, speaking, or dancing with us. We crave interaction!

baby laughing on the floor of Toronto Photography Studio


I don’t mean an overexposed selfie you snapped, while spending a lazy Saturday morning on the couch with your little bundle of joy. One, that is not even good enough for facebook (not to mention proudly displaying in your home). This will be lost in the Cloud, or stored on your phone and is guaranteed to be forgotten in a few years time when you switch to the next device.

Existing in your baby photos in Toronto


I’m talking about putting yourself out there, planning ahead, and taking advantage of the portrait session that you have already booked for your baby. Get in there, and get photographed!


Beautiful little model - baby in Toronto Studio


Taking care of your baby and so many other things on a daily basis, we usually don’t have enough time (or energy) to take care of ourselves. So reward yourself with a beautiful professional portrait. A portrait of yourself that you can LOVE and one that your child will thank you for ten, twenty, thirty years from now!


Baby laying on a fur rug in Toronto photo


A portrait of YOU and your favourite little human, that you will want to proudly display in your home.

If not for yourself, do it as a gift to your amazing child. Leave them a photograph that they will look back on in 30 years (after reading a similar article), and decide to be part of their baby’s portraits too. :)

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