5 Tips for Taking Beautiful Portraits of Your Active Children

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5 Tips for Taking Beautiful Portraits of Your Active Children.

Ever wondered how professional photographers capture such beautiful portraits of other people’s kids?

What tricks do they use to settle them and make them behave? Or assume that they only show successful photo sessions with well-behaved children on their websites?

Well, what I’m about to disclose is no secret – all kids are wild, and they cannot be taught to “sit still and smile nicely” (at least not until they are much older). So your best bet is to actually allow them to be the crazy little humans you love so much! Read the following five tips, and you’ll see how simple it really is to capture amazing snapshots of your child’s best years.


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1. Let them be wild!

The number one question I get from my clients is “what if they don’t behave?” When your child is misbehaving, give them some space. Let them roam around the park and exhaust their bubble of energy for a few minutes. Some of my favourite shots of kids are when they’re running around and being goof-balls. You have much better odds of taking a beautiful and authentic “action shot”, than a squirming “posed shot”. Besides, these are the shots that will tug at your heart the most in twenty years, so let them be kids for now.

Additionally, tantrums are usually a way to get attention. And if you let them do what they want, they will see that that’s exactly what they don’t want to be doing. And, eventually, return to you ready for more positive interaction.


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2. Bring fun props

Distraction is absolutely a must for little ones that don’t love to cooperate. Arm yourself with bubbles, balloons, fairy wings, juggling balls, pearl necklaces and tiaras. The sky is the limit. Have someone stand behind you, showing them the prop. Once you nailed the shot, give them a turn to play with it as well (snapshots of them interacting with the prop are just as fun).


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3. Appeal to their inner-silliness

Silliness loves company. So make sure you bring an adult that loves to get as silly as your kids. Google some obnoxious Knock-Knock jokes, perfect your fart noises and playing Simon Says. But most importantly, practice some super-duper silly faces to get them falling down laughing. Giggling kids are the best!

Better yet, get dad to wear the tiara and fairy wings (from the previous shots) behind you, and see how the kids react.


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4. Get down

Change your viewpoint and get down to their level. Taking a portrait of a little one from adult’s hight doesn’t do anyone any favours. Whereas, if you simply kneel (or better yet, lye) down, the perspective changes greatly. The kids will respond in a positive way, and increase positive interaction between you and them.

While you’re at it, mix it up with a variety of shots, including close up and far away.


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5. Face the sun

If you are facing the sun, that means your little one is not. Try to keep your child facing away from the harsh light when photographing them. This not only creates a beautiful halo around their head, but also keeps squinting and squirming to a minimum.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my top tips for photographing your active children. And if you find that your little ones are still too much to handle, please feel free to give me a call. I’ll make sure to get stunning and authentic portraits of your little hurricanes, in a fun and stress-free manner.

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Tips for Taking Beautiful Portraits of your Active Children