3 Best Mother’s Day Gifts, & Ways To Ensure You Get What You Want

Top Mothers Day Gifts 2016 Toronto Photographer


3 Best Mother’s Day Gifts, and Ways To Ensure You Get The One You Want

Like most moms I know, you are a great mom, and you don’t take it lightly.

The hours are long, tiring, and without a break

Every day, you slave away wiping booggers and bums. Your world is endless laundry and dishes, and battles of the organic carrots and the whole wheat breads. You are the last one to go to sleep and the first one up. Your brain is an encyclopedia of important information, like all your hubby’s family members’ birthdays, and every one of your child’s stuffed animals’ names.

Day-in and day-out, you do what you do without ever asking for anything in return.

So excuse me for stating the obvious – You Are Amazing!


tips for getting the gift you really want for Mother's Day this year


So why is it that when it comes to the one day the government dictates recognition of your efforts, you do not shout from the rooftops, “yes I am amazing, and I deserve to be spoiled”?

Of all the hats you are wearing right now, take off the shy and humble one for this one sacred day. You do a lot for your family, so don’t be shy to let your family show you how much they appreciate you. Trust me, it’s ok to be selfish on Mother’s Day.

Not sure how?

Here are my top 3 tips for getting the gift you really want for Mother’s Day this year!

***Although Mother’s Day is not “Wife Day”, I will be providing tips to use with your partner/hubby. As he is the one that is mature enough to appreciate you fully and is able to fund your desires on your special day. That being said, lets jump right in.


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Say it straight

You deserve it, and everyone knows it. So why be coy about it?

Tell your hubby that you want to get away for a night/weekend of fun. Gather your girlfriends and have a nice time without men, children, or worries. Your hubby can hold the fort, while you sip margaritas at the spa, take a pole dancing class (highly recommend this), go shopping without a care in the world, or simply hold a Sex & The City marathon in your PJs with your besties.

Most men will salute you for your honesty and will be happy to skip the “guessing” step of gift-giving.


Top Mothers Day Gifts 2016 Toronto family photographer


Leave him a clue (or many)

Not crazy about making it that easy for your man? Or feeling shy about asking? Leave him a clue!

Activities don’t float your boat, and you’d rather get that diamond pair of Tiffany’s ear rings you’ve been eyeing? Leave the catalogue on the counter, open to the page you want him to notice. Or save the Tiffany’s website to “home”, so that when he opens a new window, an image of the ear rings you want will pop up every time. The more nuggets the better (you can’t be too careful, if you really want your earlobes to sparkle).


Mommy and daughter at a mother's day photo session 2016


Tell him what your friends got

Social proof is a powerful influencer, so use it to your advantage.

Start by showing hubby your friend Susie’s new family portraits. Tell him that Susie’s husband surprised her for Mother’s Day with a gift card for photography services with Toronto’s Top Family Portraitist, and she couldn’t be happier. Tell him she wanted to have photos done for a while, but was too busy with everything, so it was even more of a gift to have everything taken care of for her. And finish off with “isn’t that such a thoughtful Mother’s Day present?”

Exit the room, and let that thought simmer in his head for a while. (have this article Are You Present in Your Children’s Photos open in your browser, for easy access) And BOOM – you’ve got yourself stunning portraits of your family, like you’ve always dreamed.


However you say it, whatever method you choose, don’t be shy to ask for what you want.

You and I both know you deserve it!


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